Hi! welcome to my page.

I am Betty, herbivorous, professional administrator, wife, mother, master's student and generally busy person. Also, I don't like to eat the same thing regularly. Some years ago I got married and the first food purchases as a couple ended up regularly in the trash since neither of us cooked. Over time and trying to reduce waste (and my waistline) I have learned to make food plans that work for our family. By adding layers of complexity to the matter during the last ten years the family grew, there were two transpacific moves, I started a master's degree and decided Stop consuming animals and their derivatives. I love doing everything I do and following people on the internet that have similar interests, however, I noticed that there was little offer of content for vegan people, who have families, who live outside of a tropical paradise and who in general are people with common occupations. My plan is to publish some of our expirience in living orderly, some recipes or other things that make our life easier.  I hope to see you soon.